telling the world's greatest stories



Create complex, intertwining stories as you collaborate with close friends or the internet at large in an attempt to craft the best possible Narrativ.


With thousands of ideas compiled in one place, you never know where the story will go or how it will develop. It’s enough to make George R.R. Martin blush.


Users generate the ideas, craft the story, and curate the content by voting. The very best content floats to the top according to what the community likes.


Once you’ve added to a story, share it with friends to continue the Narrativ. You have an idea where it will go – but where will others take it?

Stories were meant to be shared

  • At Narrativ, we believe stories are the best when they are shared. It’s through the process of many people writing from many perspectives that we get closer to the truth. That’s also when stories become more interesting. Whether your entire wedding party is contributing to the story of a couple at the altar, or you’re composing an entirely new, fiction tale with friends, Narrativ is the place to tell those great stories.

  • Be Creative.


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Connor McCormick

Co-founder, Business
Connor is a Bachelor of Innovation™ student and avid outdoorsman. This is his second startup venture. He thrives on customer interaction, product development, user interface design, and cheap mexican food.
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Daniel Lemmond

Co-founder, Operations
Daniel Lemmond makes sure that Narrativ stays organized and driven as he keeps track of meetings and various events. Dan manages the day to day activities of the company, and makes sure no one goes hungry.
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Justin Blough

Co-founder, Technical
Justin is an innovative and experienced Full Stack Web Developer. He is responsible for the tech stack of Narrativ and is passionate about delivering a quality product and great user experience.

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